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Have you seen our new sign?

As a teacher, when summer comes along, I begin to focus on all the projects that I could not get done during the school year. One of those projects was to figure out a way to get a sign in the front of The Painting Barn. Although, I am sure my kids and my neighbors have loved directing traffic for me, it was time for me to figure out some sort of signage!

I was gifted a wood wagon a few years ago, and for some reason I felt that the front corner of my yard was the perfect place for this beautiful piece of antique yard art. As the barn was being constructed, I had the idea that one day I would turn the wagon into a sign for The Painting Barn.

Although guests have LOVED their experience in the barn, finding the barn has not always been that fun. While GPS has sent guests close to the barn, navigating our dirt road isn't always the easiest! We are surrounded by family....which is a really great way to live....they have been so patient with me and have directed traffic to the barn for about 6 months now.

I decided to paint the old wagon a really pretty grey color (#3 grey for anyone who has been to the barn), and then I stenciled "The Painting Barn" on the wagon in hopes that our guests would be able to find the barn studio a little easier!

If you missed it, I demonstrated the process live on FB! I thought it would be a great way to show you what pallet painting is all about! Want to check it out? Here is the link to the FB live video:

I hope you enjoy it!!!


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