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Porch Signs!!!!

I LOVE our porch signs! Honestly, when I am out driving, I look for them. I can pick ours out from a mile away! (Thank you to all the amazing customers who display their porch signs) They are the BEST ones out there....I know...kinda snotty, right?! Well, I don't think so. Here's why:

Reason #1: My husband is a wood worker. He doesn't just fill my "orders" when I need signs made. He is REALLY good at making stuff. Our signs are built by someone who knows what they are doing. I LOVE that we make really great QUALITY signs.

Reason #2: We have been doing this a long time. We know all the tips and tricks that make a HUGE difference when working with paint (and stencils)....because TRUST ME...there is a lot to know! Think about it this way: In school, teachers always know if a student really "gets it" if they can teach it to others....well, we have taught literally thousands of people how to paint signs.

Reason #3: We are sign makers. We love what we do. Work doesn't even seem like work to us. Painting a sign for a customer is so fun. Seeing a raw piece of wood turn into something really pretty is amazing. And, then to see a happy customer display that sign proudly on their porch is doubly amazing! So THANK YOU for letting us do what we love.

Have you dusted off your front porch yet this year? It's one of my favorite things to do. Nothing screams warmer weather like a clean front porch! Toss a bucket of flowers on there and a really pretty porch sign and BAM.....Summertime!

Our next FB Live Sale is on Thursday, May 14th at 8pm, and we are working like crazy right now to have as many porch signs as we possibly can! Make sure you tune in! All you have to do is comment with the item # and leave your email address. We send you a paypal invoice and then you can do a "no contact" porch pickup at our barn. It's that easy!

Do you subscribe to our YouTube channel? Here is the latest video we posted...showing the process of making a porch sign! Check it out:

Neat huh??!!!

Hopefully when the home quarantine is over, you can join us in the barn to make one of your very own! Until then, we are happy to make them for you!!!

We have TONS of different designs and are always adding more! Here are a few:

Thanks for reading!


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