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Monthly Market preview

Our Facebook LIVE Monthly Market was born in December. My vision for it was that it could be a platform for the many creative people in our local area along with a way to sell our own items that we make in The Painting Barn. This month will be our largest Market Sale yet! We have hundreds of items that we are excited to show you this Wednesday the 26th at 8pm. All you have to do is jump on to Facebook and visit us on The Painting Barn page. We show the item and assign each item a number. If you are interested in purchasing the item, you comment "SOLD with the item # and your email address" and a paypal invoice will appear in your inbox! Once the item is paid for, you can arrange to pick up the item at the Painting Barn during our scheduled "pick up" times!

Although, there are A LOT more products, check out some of these amazing items:

Don't forget to pop on our FB LIVE Monthly Market Sale this Wednesday at 8pm to check out all the fun! And, please SHARE the live for a chance to win some "Market Cash!"



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