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The Painting Barn CLUB

Do you love sign making?

Do you want to make more signs?

Want to learn different techniques?

Curious about life in The Painting Barn?

Then you are in the right spot!!!!

The Painting Barn CLUB is the perfect solution! 

Every month our club members receive:

  1. Sign of the month supply list within our private FB group (links provided)

  2. Sign of the month vinyl stencil (shipped to your door)


  3.  Video tutorial demonstrating the sign of the month inside our FB group

  4. S

    neak peaks into "Life in the Painting Barn"

  5. A community of creative people inside our private FB group







Frequently Asked Questions:

*When will I be charged? You will be charged once a month.

*Can I cancel? Yes, you are not locked in. We require a written cancellation request 48 hours before the monthly payment is charged. If the request is not received 48 hours before, that month's stencil will be shipped.

*Can I pick my design? Each month a new project will be featured in the club.  The projects will vary from month to month. We will do our best to highlight certain holidays/seasons. 

*Can I pick my colors? A suggested supply list will be provided for each project. You are welcome to use as much or as little of the suggested supply list. You may pick your own paint colors.


*Is shipping included?  The stencil will be shipped to you each month. The shipping is included in the price.

*Where do you ship to? Anywhere in the United States

Don't forget to visit our closed FB group and request

to  join after you register! 

Here is the link:


By popular demand, I have created a "gift option" to join our Club! 

There is nothing better than the gift of TIME. 

I have set up a 6 month or a 12 month gift option.


Follow the link below and purchase a gift that keeps on giving!

This is a 1 time charge for the gift.

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