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The Painting Barn CLUB

Do you love sign making?

Do you want to make more signs?

Then you are in the right spot!!!!

The Painting Barn CLUB is the perfect solution! 

Every month our club members receive:

  1. Members will purchase one 14 x 14 inch framed sign to be used month after month. (link provided for our ETSY partner) 

  2. Members will receive a wood insert each month along with a stencil from The Painting Barn. Members will pick from a different collection of designs each month.


  3.  A Video tutorial will guide members through the process of stenciling.

  4. A community of creative people inside our private FB group

  5. Access to a "Members Only" page on our website

  6. NEW *** Club member can now pick a laser cut blank project each month if they would like to skip stenciling for the month!

The doors of our CLUB only open a couple times a year so that we

can focus on our members and creating amazing sign projects!

Drop your email below and we will make sure to let you know when the doors open!


Frequently Asked Questions:

*When will I be charged? You will be charged once a month.

*Can I cancel? Yes, you are not locked in. We require a written cancellation request 48 hours before the monthly payment is charged. If the request is not received 48 hours before, that month's stencil will be shipped.

*Can I pick my design? Each month a collection of 5-10 designs will be released. There will be a "featured" stencil that will be shipped if you do not specify a different stencil.

*Can I pick my colors? A suggested acrylic paint set will be linked. 

*Is shipping included?  The stencil and the wood insert will be shipped to you each month. The shipping is included.

*Where do you ship to? Anywhere in the United States

*When will the stencil be shipped? The stencil and wood insert will be shipped near the end of each month.

Heck, yes! I want to know when the doors open!

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